A Life Lived Full


Charles “Charlie” Heimbold says it was his wife Monika who encouraged him to “make some sort of record of my life: where I have been, what I have learned, what my experiences have meant to me.” 

Because his high-profile achievements have held the spotlight, Charles Heimbold wanted his children and grandchildren to discover in these pages the real Charlie in full—the boy who was born in working-class Down Neck, New Jersey, to parents who struggled, with four younger brothers he guided diligently and his own growing ambitions to experience the world. His optimistic drive took him from U.S. Navy service to corporate law in Manhattan, his ascent to CEO of Bristol-Myers Squibb, and his appointment as U.S. Ambassador to Sweden, a post he assumed in the somber aftermath of 9/11. All the while Heimbold remained the avid reader, the family man, the lover of boats and adventure, the generous benefactor, and Max Friedman, former vice president for communications at Bristol, helped capture all of these dimensions of his colleague and friend. 

Julia turned Heimbold’s Q&As with himself into a running feature and edited with his distinctive voice in mind. Rick’s choice of grid and typography echo Charlie’s stalwart character, and his Navy service and love of sailing are represented in the signal flags that designate each chapter. Volume 3 obtained contextual photos to supplement the images from family and corporate archives. Overseeing the unusually tight production schedule, with fast-changing image flow, Susan ensured the printed work would be a source of pride for the Heimbold family.


Pages: 256
Trim size: 7.75 x 10.65 in.
Illustrations: 180
Inks: Four-color plus overall aqueous coating
Text paper: 100# Creator Silk
Binding: Smyth sewn and casebound
Print run: 300
Prepress and printer: Universal Wilde
Westwood, Massachusetts
Bindery: Acme Bookbinding
Charlestown, Massachusetts